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I haven’t made an entry into my blog for quite some time, I decided to take a little time and talk about this last year and the depression that goes along with it. First of all, let me state that I am not trying to cry about my life, we are dealt we get, it is what it is. But it does help to talk about it sometimes.

Around the first of April my middle  daughter got into a car accident, she was going home in the wee hours after delivering newspapers, it was raining heavily her car hydroplaned spun out of control and she hit the retaining wall, thank god her car was newer and all the airbags successfully deployed, and other than being scared half to death she came out of it with a few bumps, bruises, and was very sore for a few weeks. Unfortunately, her car was totaled and the insurance only covered paying off the loan. She and her husband have had to settle for an older car, but at least she is alive.

On April 13th my wife and I were dropping off some food for a food bank drive at a friends house, they have a heavily sloped driveway and upon leaving, I had gone out first to follow my friend to their church where they were storing their food donations. I started the car put it in reverse and it wouldn’t move because the emergency brake was still on. I don’t usually set it, so I had trouble finding the release, I put the car in park climbed out to look under the dash to fin the brake release, my wife had come out and was just opened her door to get in, when I hit the brake release, the car went into reverse knocked her over, and the right front tire ran over her left leg, while this was happening I held on to the car, it dragged me approximately 25 feet, and when I let go it ran over both of my legs with the left front tire. My wife suffered major muscle damage to her left thigh, but no broken bones, I had major road rash on my right leg from the dragging, cuts, and bruises to both legs, and fractured my left fibula. We were both out of commission for three weeks, my wounds got infected and took much longer to heal, and I had to go to wound therapy to aid in the healing process, my wounds are basically healed now, but I still suffer pain from the accident.

A week after that our oldest daughter had stopped by to visit her two ailing parents, she stayed longer than normal and left around 11:00 PM to go home. On her way home as she was getting off of the freeway, and a man jumped in her car pointed a gun to her head and made her drive to a secluded park where he brutally sexually assaulted her. he cut off her clothing and then took a knife and started cutting her all over her body, he was getting ready to rape her when a car pulled into the parking lot and scared him away. This was very devastating to her and the family, and she will take a long to heal mentally from the incident.

In June after a brief trip to CA to celebrate my sister and her husbands 50th anniversary, my wife got appendicitis, she had to have emergency surgery to have her appendix removed, and was down another three weeks.

Then after thinking our youngest had escaped all the disasters that have hit our family this yer, she gets into an accident, it wasn’t her fault and her car was totaled. She is still fighting to get the insurance money so he can get a replacement car. She is a single parent raising three kids, on a low paying job, so she doesn’t have a lot of places to turn to, and without the insurance money, she has no way to get a car.

Then I came down with cellulitis in my left foot, which laid me up for 7 weeks, it is getting better now, but not 100% yet.

Needless to say, this experience has left us emotionally exhausted and also wit new medical bills to pay for.

I really miss the days before I became disabled, I could do more for my family than I can do now, right now I can only give them my love and support.

So that is why I am depressed, I need something to brighten my days and help me look forward to better things in the coming year.

So that is it, for now, hopefully, things will improve looking forward. As always Rusty Loves you!




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14 years ago we were coming back from a trip to Southern California to be there for my grandson’s 1st birthday in April.

On the way back we were driving in the middle night about 50 miles north of Cedar City Utah, when I watched a car behind us go through the center divider on the other side of the highway and roll over, I noticed it in my rearview mirror, as I saw the headlights going in the wrong direction and all the dust from it.

I backed up ran across the freeway and saw it was newer Volkswagen Beetle there were 4 people trapped in it. I tried repeatedly to open the doors, but because of it being upside down the doors would not open. That was when I realized the passengers were 4 girls trapped in the car. I looked around for a rock in the pitch black darkness, found one broke the rear window and pulled them out one at a time, the first girl was in rough shape, she was bleeding and I had trouble getting her to sit down while I got the other three girls out. I finally got them all out of the car and safely away, I told them to just stay there and try to relax, as I needed to go back to our car. I ran back across the freeway to our car to see if my wife had got a hold of the police, and let her know some of them were cut and bleeding, and two of them were most likely in shock. She handed me a couple of towels and my daughters handed me some blankets, as it was quite cold outside being the middle of the night in April. My wife was on our cell phone talking to the local sheriff who said he was on his way and had dispatched an ambulance.

I went back to the girls to clean them up a little try to get them warm and stay with them until more help arrived. About 15 minutes had passed and I noticed 2 of the girls were going into shock, fortunately a truck driver noticed the commotion, stopped backed up his rig and offered his help too, he had a sleeper in his truck so we put the girls in his sleeper and comforted them until the local sheriff and the paramedics arrived.

When the sheriff got there he took all our information, and our stories as to what happened while the paramedics all checked out the girls and put them in the ambulance. It struck me kind of funny later because I noticed the sheriff was wearing his pajama top underneath his jacket, showed you how much he had hurried to get there.

I never heard what happened to the 4 girls, I guess they were all okay, we watched the news when we got home and there was no reports on the accident.

As a family we talked about it all the way home, I glad I noticed this in my rearview mirror and thought, had I not it could have ended up much worse.

I still have the Roper Cowboy boots I was wearing at the time, they were new and it cut into the leather on one of the boots when I was going back and forth in the center divider. Everytime I wear them it reminds me of that day.

My point here is when are you considered a hero, I feel I was just being a good Samaritan.

To me, to be a hero you have to be placing your life in danger when helping others.

I welcome all your comments as to how you feel about this.

What made me think about this, is recently George Zimmerman recently helped rescue a family in an overturned SUV, he was not on his own he assisted others in getting them out. The police and the media jumped all over this and made him out to be a hero, sorry he is not a hero and the media blew this all out of proportion, had George Zimmerman not killed Treyvon Martin, we would never known this incident had even happened. Just like you wouldn’t have known about mine with out me telling it.

I blame the police and the media for making him out to be a hero, it is time to move on and live our lives again, since we will never know the real truth since Treyvon is not alive to tell his side.

no hate

As always I will close my blog with Rusty loves you!

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