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Just some thoughts today:

There are a lot of individuals out there today going through various struggles in their lives, some our physical, and visible, some are physical, and not visible at all. There are also people going through mental struggles, but we all have one thing in common, these struggles affect our daily lives, they are all life changing.

Sometimes we share our issues with our family, friends, and on Social Networks. I feel the reasons we share them, are not just to get sympathy, but for support of what we are going through, to also hear that others are experiencing similar struggles. Yes, life gives us all challenges, some experience greater challenges than others, some handle it differently than others. Most of us are really trying to get through this the best way we can. There are sadly even some who not only contemplate suicide, but even those who actually go though with it.

I am not here to say I have not thought about it, I have, but I would never do that to my wife, and family. The support and concern from others helps yet get past the suicidal thoughts, if that doesn’t help, some people need to get professional help to get through these thoughts.

The worst thing a person crying out needs to hear is “Suck it up, Buttercup,” “it is what it is.”

No one wants to get sick, no one wants to be disabled, no one wants to be on disability. All I ask is you try to see the world through their eyes, spending so much much time alone, giving up your freedom to drive, going out to public events, and trying to find things to entertain them, and help them have healthy thoughts.

If you want to really help, find out what they need, sometimes it could be just a nice phone conversation, even better yet, a visit just to talk, you see we spend a lot of time alone, and that is when the bad thoughts start coming into your head.

As for me , ore I once led a very social life, in my former job I was an upper level manager, traveled all over the country, talked to people from all walks of life, I really miss that. I miss being the bread winner for my family. All that has changed, my biggest struggle is the feelings of worthlessness.

Okay so I have opened up a little to you today, if this doesn’t help you understand more about me, maybe it will help you understand more about someone else you might know who is going through similar life challenges. If you don’t care that is fine to, just don’t say things that insult us.


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